I UK [ˈwelkəm] / US verb [transitive]
Word forms "welcome":
present tense I/you/we/they welcome he/she/it welcomes present participle welcoming past tense welcomed past participle welcomed
1) to greet someone in a polite and friendly way when they have come to see you or to help you

Some hotels do not even welcome guests in their own language.

warmly welcome (= with enthusiasm):

Visitors will be warmly welcomed.

2) to say that you approve of something that has happened or that you are pleased about it

They welcomed the new proposals.

The move has been welcomed by environmentalists.

The announcement will be widely welcomed (= welcomed by many people).

welcome something as something:

The president welcomed the accord as a step towards political stability.

3) to say that you are pleased to accept or consider something such as an opportunity or a question

We welcome suggestions from our readers.

The faculty welcomes prospective students wishing to visit departments.

4) to celebrate an event

Fireworks welcomed the New Year in Moscow's Red Square.

II UK [ˈwelkəm] / US adjective **
a) if you are welcome, or are a welcome visitor at a place, people are pleased that you are there

Your friends are always welcome here.

Pat was a very welcome guest.

make someone welcome:

It's a beautiful place – you will be made very welcome.

b) if something is welcome, people are happy about it because it is pleasant or because they need it

The early flowers are a welcome sight.

The sunny weather was a welcome bonus.

A cold drink would be very welcome.

welcome to:

This year's bonus will be welcome to those on lower incomes.

a) if someone tells you that you are welcome to do something, they are saying that you may do it if you want to

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting.

more than welcome (= very welcome):

You're more than welcome to stay overnight.

b) if someone tells you that you are welcome to something, they mean that you can have it or use it, usually because they do not want it or do not like it themselves

Flying – you're welcome to it as far as I'm concerned (= I do not want to do it).

III UK [ˈwelkəm] / US noun
Word forms "welcome":
singular welcome plural welcomes
1) [countable/uncountable] an act of welcoming or greeting someone

They received a tumultuous welcome.

The mayor said some words of welcome (= made a short speech to welcome people).

a warm welcome (= an especially friendly welcome):

He gave us a warm welcome and invited us to lunch.

in welcome:

He held his hand out in welcome.

2) [countable] a reaction to a suggestion or decision

The proposal received an enthusiastic welcome.

Politicians gave a cautious welcome to the appointment (= were pleased by it but not completely satisfied).

outstay/overstay your welcome — to stay at a place for longer than people want

It was time to go, before we outstayed our welcome.

IV UK [ˈwelkəm] / US interjection
a) used for welcoming someone to a place

Welcome to Edinburgh.

b) used at the beginning of a radio or television programme

Welcome to the show.

English dictionary. 2014.

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